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Eyeliner Tattooing Service

Eyelid permant: peculiarities of the technique, feelings during the procedure

Permanent makeup is considered a virtually painless procedure that has almost no adverse effects. But in order to minimize the risks, it is better to go straight to a certified master. In this article we’ll tell you what the procedure is and how to prepare for it, if it hurts to do eyeliner tattooing and how to avoid possible complications.

Today, tattooing refers to the process of introducing permanent dyes with the finest needles into the superficial layer of the skin. Modern permanent eye make-up does not require renewal for up to a year, but it is easily corrected and removed, if you want to change the image.

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Many people worry about the question, whether it hurts to do eyelash enhancement? These fears are natural, although in vain. Of course, a lot depends on the skill of the specialist, the tools used, the chosen technique of permanent make-up, the area of skin coverage and the individual characteristics of the body. But in most cases today, masters use anesthetics, applying them to the skin not only before the procedure, but also during it. Lidocaine, which is part of such preparations, has an immediate effect and completely relieves the discomfort.

Does it hurt to do the inter eyelid tattoo? The delicate thin skin of this area can be sensitive, but nevertheless, modern anesthetics do an excellent job, so this procedure is also completely painless. If there will be discomfort, you will not have to endure it for a long time, as an experienced master will need a small amount of pigment and very little time to create a perfectly even arrow.

But the level of comfort during the procedure depends not only on the skill of the specialist, tools and materials used. An important role is also played by the individual peculiarities of the body. Girls with high pain threshold easily tolerate even long sessions, while possessors of sensitive skin may feel discomfort, and in this case, the master simply uses a larger amount of anesthetic.

Who is contraindicated to this procedure

In the presence of a number of diseases, permanent eyeliner tattooing, eyebrows and lips tattooing is strictly prohibited. The list of contraindications includes the following:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Blood clotting disorders;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Acute respiratory infections;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Conjunctivitis.

Does it hurt to get tattooed arrows during pregnancy? Because changes in hormone levels can affect skin sensitivity, it is generally not recommended to have the procedure done during this period.

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How to minimize unpleasant consequences

The first meeting with the master you can learn not only about whether to do the tattoo of the eyelids, but also how to minimize possible complications. There are a number of rules to follow before and after the tattoo, so that the result will not disappoint you.
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Activities before permanent makeup

  1. The day before the procedure, do not drink alcohol.
  2. On the day of the session, give up coffee and energy drinks.
  3. Do not go to the sauna, do not sunbathe for a week.
  4. Three days before the procedure, do not take any medications that affect blood clotting.
  5. If you are going to do a lip permanent tattoo, a week before the session, start taking “Acyclovir” to avoid a herpes exacerbation.

What to do after the tattooing

  1. For the first few days, do not wet the skin in the area of the tattoo.
  2. Do not touch the face with your hands.
  3. To reduce swelling, you can apply dry cold.
  4. On the third day, the skin in the place of pigment introduction will start to peel. Do not remove the crusts, they must fall off on their own.
  5. Within a few days, you can treat the skin with chlorhexidine or other antibacterial agents that do not contain alcohol.
  6. After the lip tattoo, within a week you can take a drug against herpes.
  7. Within two weeks, you can not swim, go to the beach, go to the sauna.
  8. Prior to the complete healing of the skin and after do not appear in the sun without a hat and sunglasses. Be sure to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.
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Possible complications

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Any procedure accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin can have negative consequences. Therefore, carefully approach the choice of the master and the permanent make-up studio. The experience of the specialist directly depends not only on whether it hurts to do eyelid tattooing, but also whether there will be complications. Professionals always open the package with disposable sterile tools in the presence of the client, working in a mask and gloves. All of this minimizes the risk of getting an infection.

Many people think that swelling is one of the signs of complications. However, the accumulation of lymph under the skin is a natural reaction of the body to the intervention, which will completely pass in a few days after the session. There will always be swelling after the tattoo, even if the procedure is performed by a professional. In rare cases anesthetic may provoke an allergic reaction.

Does it hurt to get eye arrows tattooed if you address to the masters of Warrnambool Cosmetic Tattoo Studio? Definitely not! Our studio employs specialists with years of experience who use modular machines and the finest sterile needles that cause minimal damage to the skin. Clients of Warrnambool Permanent Make Up Studio speak positively about the procedure and say that they even fall asleep during the session. In rare cases, they feel slight discomfort, which manifests itself in a slight numbness of the area treated with anesthetic gel or ointment.

In addition, our masters use author’s pigments, which are certified and completely safe for health. Thanks to a wide palette of shades, they create natural looks for owners of any color type of appearance – quickly, painlessly and without negative consequences!

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Eyeliner tattooing, also known as permanent makeup, involves the application of permanent dyes with fine needles into the superficial layer of the skin around the eyelids. This technique is designed to enhance the appearance of the eyelashes and can last up to a year without needing renewal.
The procedure is generally considered low-intensity, thanks to modern anaesthetics like lidocaine used during the process. The level of discomfort may vary depending on the individual’s pain threshold, skin sensitivity, and the expertise of the specialist. However, discomfort, if any, is typically minimal and well-managed.
This procedure is not recommended for individuals with certain conditions, like cardiovascular diseases, blood clotting disorders, malignant tumours, diabetes, infectious diseases, acute respiratory infections, epilepsy, and conjunctivitis. It’s also advised to avoid eyeliner tattooing during pregnancy due to changes in skin sensitivity.
Preparation includes avoiding alcohol the day before, refraining from coffee and energy drinks on the day of the session, staying out of saunas and not sunbathing for a week prior, and avoiding medications that affect blood clotting three days before the procedure. Those opting for lip tattoos should consider taking preventive medication against herpes a week before the session.

After the procedure, avoid wetting the skin in the tattooed area, touching the face with hands, and exposing the area to excessive moisture or heat. Use dry cold to reduce swelling and treat the skin with alcohol-free antibacterial agents. Swelling is a common reaction but typically subsides within a few days. Professionals minimise the risk of complications by using sterile tools and maintaining a clean working environment.

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